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Author: Tighearnan

Our aim at Kin Books is to be a publisher that fosters new writing talent, publishing good books by great authors. We want to fill the gap between the big publishing houses and the self-publishing community by providing the service authors want from a publisher, with access to an open community of writers and readers.

First, we want to identify talent

We often see new writers struggling to get the recognition they deserve, large publishing companies will ignore talent and settle on books from established authors that guarantee they will sell the most units. While we will work hard to sell your work, we believe that the true mark of a great author how they write, not just what they write.
We will start with two submissions period for novels every year, this will give you time to prepare your manuscript to the point where you can be proud of you work and it also mean we can give your work the care and concentration it deserves. We like to think our selves as more of a bespoke publishing service, but that means we can only publish so much. Even if you don’t receive a letter of interest, we will keep your work in mind.

Second, we want to help you get published

When we started Kin Books, we wanted to give authors the opportunity not just to be published, but to receive feedback on their work. New authors need feedback, it is the best way to understand which improvements can be made to a work so that it can receive the recognition it deserves.
We aim to respond to each Australian novel submission with feedback that will help you improve your writing style, so even if we don’t pick your book up, you can take it to any publisher with a chance of having them consider you work.

Third, grow an interpersonal community

The more members of a community, the larger an audience will be and the more support authors will have when writing. We want to grow a community of writers from the ground up, without charging for the privilege.
We do have a range of tools, online and in the community to publicise every work and attract the funding we need to continue our work, but we want to meet you and find out who you are so that we can grow together.

Fourth, plans to grow

If our plans work, then we can change and adapt our business so that we can publish more books, with a shorter turn around and employ more people! Before we even start on novels we aim to publish short stories as ebooks through our website to grow the fan base of our authors and help everyone earn some money for their work.


What we need is support from everyone. Read a blog, like a page or buy a short, because the more people know about us, the more people know about the work we publish.
Check out our first publication, coming soon…

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