Time for creativity when adulting

For some people creativity is their world, it is the thing they live for the most. They are able to dedicate their time entirely to their creative endeavor. Writers, artists, musicians, we all know that one person that seems to always have time to create their masterpiece. I am not that person! Let’s be realistic… most of us aren’t.

Over the years I have had to learn to fit my creative pursuits into the rest of my day-to-day life. You know, fit it around all that adulting that we have to do, the boring stuff. I have come to know myself and what I am really, really bad at (such as getting around to writing blog posts for our business) and what I am good at (like fixing the website when it crashes). I also know how all of these things can be used to help me make time for creativity in my life. Here are some of my tips for people like me, who want to be more creative.

Plan your work

I’m a chronic planner, I have a notepad and a list for everything. I’m even one of those weirdos that writes a packing list for travel, complete with a day-by-day schedule of what I’m going to wear to maximise my wardrobe and carry less clothes. Where I come unstuck with my planning is when it involves being creative. My creative brain is a mess. It is like a completely different person has taken over my psyche and if they touch a notepad and pen it’ll burn them like a demon with a crucifix. I just can’t do it!

When I finally get to be creative, I have clear direction and more importantly, a clear head. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, ‘but where is the spontaneity and fun that comes with being creative without a plan?’ I still get that, I’m not actually doing the work when I’m planning, I am setting goals, determining time frames and making lists. When I finally get to be creative, I have clear direction and more importantly a clear head.

Schedule time for creativity

Everyone has a schedule that includes a number of boring adulty things, like the dentist visit you have every six months, dinner at seven with the in-laws and leg day at the gym (my least favourite). These are things I schedule into my life and I don’t even like doing them (sorry in-laws). So I decided to schedule in the things I do like doing, like being creative.

As a photographer by trade, I started scheduling in a weekly photo trip in my city. I chose somewhere I hadn’t been before, or been to in a while and I just wandered around snapping away. Pure bliss.

When I want to write, I do something similar, I take my notebook (or laptop) for a walk to one of the beautiful parks in my city, sit myself against an obliging tree and just write whatever I want.

If I didn’t schedule the time in, I would never do it.

Don’t let the world get you down

We all have those down days, weeks or months (April, I’m looking at you…) and the first thing to suffer is our creative brain. This year I had the worst April in my life (ok, so I can be a drama queen), but I was been incredibly demotivated. As a consequence, I noticed that the things I love doing were the first things I ignored.

Why stop doing the things that actually make me happy?

What about this blog post?

I just told myself to get this blog post done, “just get on with it!” I realised that I spent the last hour having a blast doing what I love and before I knew it, it was all over and I could start the next masterpiece!

In the appropriate, allocated time, of course.

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