A Kin Books novel from beginning to end

Kin Books first book is set for release October 2018! So we would love to show you how we get from manuscript to full publication.

First step: Editing

Kin will provide feedback to all novel and novella length submissions. Once a submission is accepted it goes through multiple editing stages where we work with the author to produce the best work possible.

Second step: Beta reading

Kin Books will send every novel it publishes to Beta readers. Each reader provides feedback on the novel, which helps us determine how we approach advertising, the length of the initial print run and the final edit of the story.

Third step: Book design

Kin Books’ does all it’s design and typesetting work in house with Head Designer Gemma. Kin Books’ aim is to present a consistent design across all publications.

Fourth step: Marketing plan

Every Kin Books novel will have it’s own unique marketing plan to ensure we reach the right audience. It’s very important to seek input from the Social Media Manager when creating a plan.

Final step: Printing (or file creation) for sale

Kin Books will determine the best print run for each novel we publish, meaning, some books may have large runs and some may be published primarily as an ebook. When we print we aim to use the most sustainable printing processes available at the best price.

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