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A Kin Books novel from beginning to end

Kin Books first book is set for release October 2018! So we would love to show you how we get from manuscript to full publication. First step: Editing Kin will provide feedback to all novel and novella length submissions. Once a submission is accepted it goes through multiple […]

Time for creativity when adulting

For some people creativity is their world, it is the thing they live for the most. They are able to dedicate their time entirely to their creative endeavor. Writers, artists, musicians, we all know that one person that seems to always have time to create their masterpiece. I […]

Working for the win: Becoming a better writer through the work we do

I have had a lot of different jobs, from selling beds to shelving books and even flipping burgers. I have had a lot of jobs partly because I’m still working to find my niche, partly because flipping burgers pays significantly less shelving books. As a writer I’ve found my work environments have influenced my writing and helped me to build useful relationships

Pride in publishing

Our aim at Kin Books is to be a publisher that fosters new writing talent, publishing good books by great authors. We want to fill the gap between the big publishing houses and the self-publishing community by providing the service authors want from a publisher, with access to an open community of writers and readers…